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A Little About Us

Outdoors AZ.com is a site to bring friends together to participate in outdoor activities our state has to offer. Arizona is a state of many different enviromental ecosystems. We have everything the outdoor enthusiast could ever want!

Arizona has everything from the expected desert climate in the Sonoran Desert, to lush forest in riparian canyons. During the winter we have the snow-capped mountains of the San Francisco Peaks as well as the mild temperatures on the golf courses in Phoenix.

Outdoors AZ.com will have a new activity of the month which will be on display on the homepage. Upcoming events can be seen on the table at the bottom of the page. There will be all kinds of different activities and trips, so if you aren't interested this month, check out the other months. There is something for everyone.

This month's featured activity is:

4 Day Backpacking Trip at West Clear Creek

First Day

The four day trip will start at the Cash Tank trailhead and head down into the canyon and along the creek. It is necessary to swim or float on a raft through the White Box section of the hike. Many people like to use an inflatable pool toy to help keep their pack dry. Once at the Hanging Garden we will set up camp for the first night.

Second Day

The second day we will spend some time at a waterfall. The second night will be spent several miles down the creek in a nice spot under some trees. Again to get to this spot there will be wading/swimming involved. There are some great spots to relax and swim without our packs too!

Third Day

The third day involves some serious hiking. We will have to wade, climb, swim, and trudge. At the end of the day it is worth it when we can sit down around the fire and sing songs and talk. On the last night we will camp right next to a great swimming hole with rocks to leap from.

Fourth Day

The last day will be a short hike out. It should only take a few hours. Once we come out at the Bullpen area which is where most of our vehicles will be waiting. After the hike out all I ever really want is a juicy burger and a nice cold I.P.A. There is a brewery nearby where we can eat lunch.

Remember to bring enough water, keep an eye out for rattlesnakes,and whatever you bring into the wilderness, bring it back out. There is a list below of recommended gear for this particular trip.

Gear List for West Clear Creek

Got questions or comments- Email Contact: ari2049803@maricopa.edu

Trip Days Month
West Clear Creek 4 November
Snowbowl 2 December
Sunrise 3 January
San Pedro River 2 February
Aravaipa Canyon 3 March
map of west clear creek
West Clear Creek Wilderness Area Map
map of hanging garden
Hanging Gardens Map

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