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West Clear Creek Plants

Arizona has so many beautiful plants and flowers. It seems there is always something in bloom and West Clear Creek is no exception. The canyon is a lush area with a wide varity of trees, flowers, and cacti.

Mesquite Tree

mesquite tree
Mesquite Tree

The The mesquite Tree is found all over Arizona. At West Clear Creek it can be found up on the ridges and desert areas that are not right on the river. Mesquite trees have edible beans. Both humans and animals eat them. Native Americans used the beans for medicine in the old days. Like many desert plants mesquite trees are covered with sharp thorns. They can be very itchy if you get pricked.

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columbine flower
Yellow Columbine Flower

Columbine are a flower that can be found in many different colors and in many different parts of the Northern Hemisphere. The yellow columbine is native to the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts and can be found in canyons. They have 3 sets of 5 petals with a beautiful distinct shape. They are common in the Western U.S. and can be found at West Clear Creek.

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oak tree
Gambel Oak Tree

Oak trees are found in many parts of the world but the type that grows at West Clear Creek is called the Gambel Oak. It is only in the higher elevation areas in Arizona. The trees down by the river tend to be decidious, meaning they drop their leaves in the fall.

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primrose flower
Parry's Primrose

Parry's Primrose is a flower native to the mountains of the Western U.S. The flowers are such a deep magenta that they are hard to miss when you see them. They are the biggest primrose in America at up to 20 inches. Parry's primrose is named after Charles C. Parry, the first botanist for the United State Department of Agriculture.

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There are many other types of plants and animals at West Clear Creek, too many to name or for me to be able to identify. There are different cacti, evergreen trees, flowers, and deciduous trees. What you might see varies by which part of West Clear Creek Wilderness you happen to be hiking. I just hope this helps to show some of what is there. I can always add photos as I get them.

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