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West Clear Creek Points of Interest

Hanging Garden

hanging garden

The Hanging Garden is a beautiful spot on West Clear Creek where springs drain into the creek. Water flows down over boulders covered with hanging greenery. There is a pool for swimming and small cave like areas where swimmers can swim under the rocks. It is quite a rare sight in Arizona.

White Box

white box narrows

This is the section of the "trail" where hikers must find an alternative way through. There is no way to hike or walk through, so hikers must swim. Many hikers use a pool float to keep their gear dry while passing this section.

Montezuma's Castle

montezuma's castle

A nearby point of interest might be Montezuma's Castle. It is not in the West Clear Creek Wlderness Area, but it is close to Camp Verde by Beaver Creek. Montezuma's Castle is an 800 year old cliff dwelling built by the Sinagua people. It was one of America's first National Monuments.

Verde Brewing Company

325 S Main St, Camp Verde, AZ 86322 (928) 567-7033

front of verde brewing company

A Good Beer & Burger is always fantastic after days of hiking in the wilderness.
So, I like to recommend a spot to stop after the hike. For West Clear Creek
I recommend Verde Brewing Company in Camp Verde. They have both delicious food and beer. The atmosphere is nice and the staff is polite and cheerful.

The Beers are (They change with the seasons):

Link to Verde Brewing Company Website

verde brewing company logo
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